About me

(2022)  I am a single mother of 3 boys (born 2006, 2009 and 2011).  I used to live with my sister and her 3 boys — hence every minute of every day I felt like we were living in the “middle of the madness” of something or other.  Sometimes it’s good madness.  Sometimes it’s great madness.  And sometimes it’s just plain madness.  And as a way of thinking about the madness, it’s easiest for me (an introvert) to write about it.  Because what I think is most helpful for me in living in the madness is to be real about it and to share it…so that we can all support each other along this delightful and sometimes challenging journey of life.

(P.s…..the only thing that won’t be “real” on this site is the names of the boys – they have been changed to protect their “digital footprint.”)

(P.s.s…And everything I post on the site comes from my head or my camera unless the credit is given to that author.)

(P.s.s.s….And about the name of the site….I think I was asleep when I got the domain and though the household often feels like a spinning out-of-control “organization”….we’re merely a wonderfully loving, imperfect family.)

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