Favorite sayings

Because the boys clearly have short attention spans….I try to keep the “rules” pretty short too!

  Jan 9

Effective now: Stop smearing brown butt residue! We have running water and SOAP here in this house, folks!

Effective immediately: Kind words or No words! Body parts are not part of the “kind words” grouping!

Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 5

Effective now: I shall no longer respond to “Hey slave” but only to the title “Most wonderful and beloved mother” #parenting #newin2015


Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 4

Effective now: Am installing buzzer system on each boy. 1 buzz=come. 2 buzz=stop what u r doing. 3 buzz=big trouble! #parenting #newin2015


Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 4

Effective now: Boogers go in tissues, not mouths, no matter how tasty they are….even in coughing them up later! #parenting #newin2015


Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 3

Effective now: If I let u stay awake an hr later, you shall sleep an hr later! Or be decent enough to stay in bed to6! #parenting #newin2015


Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 2

Effective now: You MUST flush toilet if brown masses are present! It helps to throw in TP to pretend u wiped! #parenting #NewYearResolution


Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 1

Effective immediately: There will be no more loud verbal warnings. Instead, will be immediate consequences! #management #NewYearResolution


Lynne Williams @middleofthemad · Jan 1

Jan 1: Effective immediately: All whiners shall proceed to their bedrooms (no matter their age). #Management #parenting #NewYearResolution



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