‘Twas the night before First Grade

Seems like a pretty big first-grader!

Seems like a pretty big first-grader!

‘Twas the night before first grade

And all through the house

The boys were all tucked in

Quiet as a mouse

            (which is baloney, because I had

            a pet mouse and they are never

            ever quiet!)

The eldest is heading

To school the next day

The summer is over

Much to my dismay.

            (I still have a list of things to do

            this summer – ride bikes in

            Ohiopyle, visit Presque Isle….)

I’m standing here staring

At an empty box for his lunch,

Wondering what to put in it

To satisfy his munch.

            (Sadly chicken nuggets aren’t going

            to cut it at this school – poor boy

            is going to be starving!)

We visited the school

He left in a panic –

I’m hoping he sits still

Because usually he’s quite manic,

            (and never sits still unless there’s

            a television on….or he’s asleep!)

He picked out a t-shirt

With a shark in plain view;

My “boring” alternatives

Clearly just wouldn’t do,

            (though I did win out on the

            “Totally Jawsome” and other

            monstrous -looking shirt choices)

I warned him there’d be pictures

And probably some tears

My first-born little boy

Is getting on in his years.

            (I don’t know – I cried at Kindergarten

            drop-off….we’ll see how I do in the

            morning. You might want to check out my

            red puffy eyes a little later.)

9 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before First Grade

  1. Love this. I found it SO hard to send my kids to school, so finally didn’t! (Though if things would have gone well we might have left them in. But with schools in CA the way they are now, no one should send their kids to these schools!) Anyway, I do enjoy your writings, they are always so good, I really enjoy them.

  2. This is the first year I don’t have anyone going back to school. Very odd. I should be excited and grateful, but really find myself wistful. All that chaos, I **almost** miss it. My bank account will be happy; no new sneakers or school supplies. Glad to see you took pictures. You’ll be so surprised at how they change.

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