The Moments of Mothering

What I don’t do anymore                                           What I do:

  • Fly to Italy for a long weekend to celebrate a friend’s wedding
Dread long weekends of entertaining five young boys
  • Wonder at the beauty of long walks under a moonlit sky
Fall asleep at 7:30 while putting the kids to bed
  • Sleep in on a Saturday and enjoy a delightful morning run
Pretend to be sleeping yet with heads near my head guarding against “pows” from rambunctious boys
  • Play Rummikub on a Sunday afternoon while sipping hazelnut coffee and nibbling freshly baked scones
Watch boys play flag football while alternating between freezing under an umbrella or frantically searching for sunscreen
Dream of sitting around and doing nothing!
  • Go out for Happy Hour, take in a play, relax at the symphony, enjoy lectures at the Carnegie
Build Lego aircraft, join orange Matchbox tracks, wash clothes, wash dishes, wash boys, repeat
  • Be spontaneous.
React spontaneously
  • Borrow other people’s children to play with or take to visit the zoo
Get smothered by tons of love, kisses, hugs, joy, laughter, giggles, bubble juice, slobber, drool, sticky fingers, sticky faces, mud, dirt, stains, sweat, tears, bruises, and whatever else a little boy can find.



What I do now is let a huge crocodile tear escape from the corner of my eye as I whisper to Super Tall Guy the other night – “You, boy….you are the one that made me a mother. Thank you.”

You see….don’t be fooled by this mothering business.

You are not going to “love” every moment.

But you are going to love having had “the” moments.



2 thoughts on “The Moments of Mothering

  1. so true! ” > >> You are not going to “love” every moment. >> >> But you are going to love having had “the” moments.” >> as I lay here on my Hawaii destination wedding “vacation.”


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