We just can’t sleep

This is a very strange post….but one that has been ruminating in my head for so long. The problem is, I just don’t know how to adequately capture the complicated sequence of sleep….or the lack thereof….on the third floor. So, although this probably took me a couple hours to create due to a significant inability to do animation (hence I turn down any Disney animator positions I see open!)…..it should only take you a minute to “read.”  Sigh….oh well….

The key – blue boxes are beds in the two bedrooms on the third floor (mine and the boys’ room).  Characters with a “body” are awakesleeping 8…..just heads indicates they are sleeping….or at least should be sleeping.

sleeping 1sleeping 2

sleeping 3

sleeping 5

sleeping 6

Okay, to be truthful, the 6:20am is below – because my sister is a saint and lets the Little Guy go downstairs with her once she’s awake!

sleeping 10

But wouldn’t it be delightful if some day this was me….11:00pm to 7:30 am!

sleeping 7

Instead of….

sleeping 9

(and I’m hoping I don’t need to elaborate on what that blue wet area symbolizes! Sigh…)